Quarterly Thoughts – Q3 2007

A process for best-thinking. WealthStep’s purpose is to positively impact lives and the goal achievement of our Clients, with a special focus on people who can’t access or don’t yet want a full-service advisor. To keep our clients’ lives simpler, we conduct a broad set of investment research and monitoring “under the hood” on your behalf. Just to name a few elements of our process, we oversee your accounts, monitor…

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Quarterly Thoughts – Q2 2007

Unfortunately, the vast majority of investors around the world are “served” by firms that don’t put their clients’ interests first… and 74% of investors are not even aware of the conflicts affecting them, nor the negative impact on their goals. WealthStep is proud to always place our Clients’ interests first. In 1991, WealthStep’s parent company became one of the first firms in the US to be a fee-only advisor. A…

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Quarterly Thoughts – Q1 2007

Recent volatility has made some investors nervous. However, the recent Dalbar study update is a reminder of the long-term opportunity cost of emotional investing: The S&P 500 Index’s average annualized return over the last 20 years was 11.9%, while the average equity mutual fund investor’s return was just 3.9%. This equates to a loss of 8% per year over 20 years, due to emotional investing, and illustrates the value of…

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